Frequently Asked Questions

What is Therapy?

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons, they may have experienced an unexpected change, a crisis, a loss, or they just need a “booster shot” or reminder of how to access progressive thinking.

Therapy is a series of direct, honest conversations between you and a therapist skilled in helping people change. The overall goal is to help you find solutions to problems and to reduce or eliminate problem behaviors and distressing symptoms that may interfere with achieving greater life satisfaction.

Specific goals will be established based on what you want to accomplish and the recommendations of your therapist. Your therapist’s role is to guide you in identifying and using your strengths to reach these goals. It is up to you to determine the duration of therapy sessions.

Therapy sessions my be individual or include family and/or significant people in your life. Therapy can also take place in a group setting, allowing for you to share concerns and feelings with others that are in similar situations.

What Can you Expect from Therapy?

Therapy is a commitment to work on learning new ways to communicate, problem solve, manage stress and think differently. Success may depend on how goals are set, how hard you and/or other family members and the therapist work, how motivated you are to change, and how well you use your strengths to learn new skills.

Therapy often entails dealing with difficult issues therefore it may be uncomfortable or unsettling at times. Therapy can provide a framework for making improvements, locating solutions, and can often be the source of considerable personal change. I hope that your experience at Valentine Counseling Services, LLC will be successful. I hope that you will experience changes that lead to greater life satisfaction, inner peace, hope, and happiness.

Can I return to therapy after having had a negative therapy experience?

I have encountered many clients who were brave enough to give therapy another chance after having a negative experience with another provider. The words they use to describe me and the way I practice as a therapist are non-judgmental, non-biased, caring, an excellent listener, and a therapist without an agenda. I commit to providing a safe atmosphere and positive energy so that someone who fears therapy or has had a negative experience will find the bravery, confidence and hope to reach out and try again.